I'd love to join a singing group but this is all completely new to me, can I still join?
Of course! This choir is special as it has a great mix of singers with varying experience. Some are complete beginners, some have sung for years and can read music well and many fit anywhere between these two points. The drive within this choir is the desire to learn and perform beautiful music and to enjoy the process. Many go to the pub after rehearsal (Monday evening in Essex Church) and we have occasional social trips.

Do you provide listening tracks for parts and sheet music?
Roseanna provides many listening resources when needed (e.g. mp3 files) of your parts to aid smoother learning. It is tremendously helpful to listen to these in order to keep good pace in rehearsals and so some individual practice during the week is expected. In week one you will be given a full pack of music which includes all the sheet music.

How do terms work?
One term is ten evenings within a termly period. There will always be at least one Monday evening off during this time which normally lands on the London borough half term week. The concert may be on any day of the week, including weekends. There will be a concert day rehearsal usually a few hours before doors open.

How does a taster session work?
If you'd like to try the choir for one week, we offer a free taster! Come and see if the choir is for you (we hope it will be). You will receive an email regarding joining for the remainder of the term.


What if I can no longer do the concert?
The cost of the term is paid upfront at the beginning and is not refundable. If you cannot do the concert, you are still very welcome to sing in all of the rehearsals but please inform Roseanna of your change in circumstance. It is expected that members do attend at least 75% of rehearsals so that the progression stays consistent. Please speak to Roseanna if you have any questions.

I don’t know my voice type – help!
No problem at all. Roseanna will do vocal exercises pre-rehearsal to see where your voice is most comfortable and what range it has. That said, if you've never sung before or it's been a while, you are very welcome to swap to another voice section that's lower or higher once your voice has warmed up and your range has expanded.

Will I need to bring anything?
A pencil, a bottle of water and an eagerness to sing. On concert days we wear performance clothing (details given at the time). You will need to arrange your music into a black folder and you may need to bring food.

Do you share my data?
Upon signing up to join the choir, you agree to Kensington Choir using your data for the purposes of the choir and its activities which include sharing your contact information with the section leaders so they can add you to necessary sectional communication groups. If you do not wish to have your details passed on, please specify on the google form send out in email upon booking.

If you'd like to unsubscribe from emails then please inform us via the contact form.

Extra information
*Membership fees will be reviewed depending on changes to costs

*If on the highly unlikely chance that a rehearsal has to be cancelled, we will endeavour to find an alternative date in the near future, however there will not be a deduction to the termly cost

*Members are assumed medically fit to meet the demands of choir rehearsals and concert. If a member has any doubts, these should be indicated to the Music Director both prior (via the contact us page) and during the term

*By joining the choir, members are agreeing to the use of photo and video footage of them for the purposes of marketing the choir

*Members are encouraged to take part in performances which may also fall on a weekend. *It is under the discretion of the Music Director as to whether someone is in a position to partake in a concert and this is judged on an individual basis regarding attendance, sufficient knowledge of music and experience

*We support a different charity at each concert suggested by members


*Please arrive promptly

*Please let your section leader know if you are unable to attend a rehearsal

*There will always be time for a chat beforehand, in the break and afterwards so please keep rehearsals running smoothly without disruptions

*If you have a suggestion for an event, please speak to Roseanna

*Please be aware that some pieces of music may be copyright and so you can share with friends and family but not upload videos onto social media websites

*Any form of negative or abusive behaviour towards any member or director will result in immediate cancellation of membership